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    The Losers Will Represent Bryant in the Global Reading Challenge
    Global Reading Logo

    Congratulations to The Losers for winning our in-school Global Reading Challenge! We managed to squish 12 teams into Bryant Library to compete on February 13. Our readers performed impressively over three grueling rounds of questions. The Losers, not-so-aptly named, finished in first place and now proceed to the city semi-finals on Thursday, March 12. The team includes fourth graders Annabel E., Zoe F., and Basile P, and fifth graders Mira A., Rona A., and Jack M.

    We also congratulate our other teams, all of which read and practiced questioning over several months:

    The Dashing Readers
    A Whole New Global Reading Team
    The Golden Do-Reados
    Princess Sparkle, Destroyer of Fact-Based Questions
    Supreme Waffles
    Garneys in a Bag
    The I Don’t Cares
    Seven Readers in a Bag
    I Survived the Global Reading Challenge
    I Survived the Battle of Global Reading 2020
    Who Was Team 12?

    Seattle Times Columnist, Lynda V. Mapes, to Visit Bryant

     Lynda V. Mapes PhotoMr. Garlid has arranged an afternoon visit with legendary environmental reporter for the Seattle Times, Lynda V. Mapes. In 2017, following a year’s MIT Knight Fellowship in the Harvard Forest, Ms. Mapes published Witness Tree: Seasons of Change with a Century-Old Oak. Mapes beautifully details season-to-season impacts on this single red oak, interweaving the inter-connectedness of nature and life on this planet.While acknowledging climate change, Mapes’s portrayal is thought-provoking, inspirational, and hopeful. 

    Upon seeing Ms. Mapes at a speaker’s forum, Mr. Garlid believes her engaging, impassioned manner and environmental message correlates well with themes our fifth graders are studying and expressing interest. Ms. Mapes is visiting us on March 17 at no cost. To honor her generosity and the important work she does to educate the masses about environmental mindfulness, we are selling her book. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CONSIDER THIS AN ADULT READ, due to its vocabulary and syntax. We sense that many adults in our Bryant community will be fascinated by her meticulous blend of science and wonder

    Click HERE to download an order form. Please return to Bryant Library by Friday, March 6.


    Welcome and Welcome Back, Hawks!

    Aliverti Family on Vacation

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. I’m excited to see both familiar and new faces at Bryant and look forward to serving you in my tenth year as teacher-librarian. Although working hard over the summer to review new books and other materials so that our Hawks’ brains will soar, I did take time to explore with my family. We traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia, where we visited some historic sites, as well as Busch Gardens. Note to potential amusement park visitors: do not order the chocolate sundae and proceed to ride the Griffon roller coaster. Nope: not advisable!

    I look forward to sharing lots of new titles with our readers. A few years ago, during my first visit to Paris, I made frequent stops at famous American bookstore, Shakespeare and Company. Of course, any bookstore with a friendly cat immediately wins me over. Also compelling, their sign reading: “Open door, open book, open mind, open heart.”

    As we respond to events happening in our school, community, and world, I’m reminded of how much reading contributes to our empathy and capacity to respond to each other with compassion and kindness. So, I’ve borrowed this wonderful motto, as we open our minds and hearts together.

    Please contact me or stop by any time, so we can talk about great books, literacy, and other precautions to take at a fun park!

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