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    We aim to inspire reading and information gathering for pleasure and intellectual growth, so students are effective users of ideas and information. A hub in the Bryant community, we enthusiastically welcome all students, staff, and families.

    Featuring over 12,000 books, Bryant Library serves a robust community of 600-plus readers and thinkers. Classes attend a weekly 30-minute session, which includes time to check out books. Lessons aim to:

    • Promote the enjoyment of reading, listening, and viewing
    • Provide the physical and intellectual access to a wide range of print and online resources
    • Align with content and skills across grade levels
    • Embed Common Core, AASL (American Association of School Librarians) 21st Century Learner Standards, and Washington State Educational Technology Standards
    • Assess individual student needs, providing support and enrichment

    In addition to weekly lessons, students may access Bryant Library at lunch recesses (refer to schedule).

    Contact Info

    Librarian: Anne Aliverti