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Bryant Breakfast and Lunch menu

Students still will be offered three meal options daily (one hot meal and two cold meals). Culinary Services is unable to notify sites which hot options are available until the day of service.

Free School Meals 2021-22 School Year

All Seattle Public School students, regardless of family income, will have access to nutritious meals at no cost throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Visit the SPS Culinary Services website

Green Team

During the week of each classroom’s scheduled rotation, the Green Team delegation will be dismissed from their classroom five minutes early in order to begin eating their own lunch. They will then be dismissed five minutes early from lunch to provide recycling and composting support for all the other students in the lunchroom.

Green Team students will be expected to supervise the composting and recycling stations until the very last person goes through the line, which means they must be willing to be the last group of students out the door to participate in lunch recess.

To conserve resources and avoid generating more waste, gloves will not be provided; however, students will be directed to wash their hands before going out to recess. Students will not be asked to work during a lunch period other than their own.

All Green Team students will be invited to participate in a variety of Green Team activities throughout the year and will have the opportunity to earn a t-shirt or other token of gratitude for their positive participation and extended commitment.