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Elizabeth Geist

Geist, Elizabeth

Testing & Technology Coordinator and Library Assistant
Julia Gendrich

Gendrich, Julia

Instrumental Music Teacher
Kaitlin Holley

Holley, Kaitlin

Teacher - 3rd Grade
Marie Jacobs

Jacobs, Marie

Assistant - Special Education
Chara Johnson

Johnson, Chara

Teacher - 1st Grade
Clare Johnston

Johnston, Clare

Teacher - 3rd Grade
Alexander Jones

Jones, Alexander

Teacher - Kindergarten

Years teaching at Bryant: 14 years (all in kindergarten!) A great thing about working at Bryant is the community - students, parents and staff! I love coming to work each day and it’s because of the kids, families, and my colleagues. A reason I teach kindergarten is: The EXCITEMENT and FUN! I love being silly with the kids and making sure they are jazzed about school/learning each day. I love to see how students grow in a year of kindergarten. One year of kindergarten is about 16% of their life and it is so rewarding to see what happens between September and June. They walk in as preschoolers and leave as first graders. Something I enjoy about kindergarten is: The flexibility. I have a plan each day, and sometimes the students, well, have other plans/needs that are more important. A piece of advice I offer to help students and families adjust to kindergarten is: Go to bed early! We’re going to have a lot of fun and it’s going to be exhausting for a while as everyone adjusts. Ask questions - that’s why we’re here.

Susan Kearney

Kearney, Susan

Teacher - 4th Grade
Michaela Koerner

Koerner, Michaela

Teacher - Music Specialist
Katherine Lord

Lord, Katherine

Teacher - 5th Grade
Laurie Macy
Charmaine Marshall

Marshall, Charmaine

Lynn Masunaga-Fahselt

Masunaga-Fahselt, Lynn

Teacher - 2nd Grade
Huong Nguyen

Nguyen, Huong

Teacher - 3rd Grade
Pauline Pfohl

Pfohl, Pauline

Teacher - ELL (English Language Learner)
Megan Regalado

Regalado, Megan

Teacher - 2nd Grade
Katrina Salisbury

Salisbury, Katrina

Teacher - 4th Grade
Amy Shanafelt

Shanafelt, Amy

Administrative Secretary
Magdalena Shellenberger

Shellenberger, Magdalena

Teacher - 1st Grade
Jennifer Shete

Shete, Jennifer

Teacher - 1st Grade