Bryant New Family Open House – February 3, 2022

Bryant Elementary Welcomes Prospective Families for 2022-23 School Year!

Bryant PTSA and staff welcome you to our community and hope you can attend an INFORMATIONAL NIGHT PROGRAM for you to explore Bryant as a potential school for your Kindergarten student in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Although there are some new families with incoming students in grades 1-5 next year much of this Open House night is biased towards the usual annual enrollment of about 100 kinderkids. However, we will have a separate Q & A focused for families sending an older student.

  • When: Thursday, February 3.  5:30 – 7(ish) p.m.
  • Where: in the comfort of your home AND remotely in Bryant School
  • Who: YOU, Bryant PTSA members, administrators, Kindergarten teachers, LASER representative (on-site after-school childcare)
  • What: Hear about our school, kindergarten, PTSA programs, LASER daycare, and more. You will be able to virtually visit with Kindergarten teachers and Bryant principals.
  • Why: we want you to appreciate Bryant as much as we do!!!
  • How: Microsoft Teams link opens at 5:15 p.m.

We plan for a brief introductory program providing an overview of Bryant and then place kinder-parents in random groups to “visit” each K teacher in her/his classroom.  You will have the opportunity to speak with, listen to and ask questions of each of the K teachers. Then rotate to the next K room.

We recognize that since we are in your home students may be present. Do note the conversations, topics and explanations are all aimed at parents.

As you can imagine we do not yet have details of fall 2022 but assume we will conduct an in-person year as we have this year.  So, we are unable to conjecture about the fall and instead we will address a ‘typical’ school year in our presentation notes. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we ALL seek to negotiate our way through these times.

Bryant’s well-known New Family Night directed towards families who enroll at Bryant will occur in June and be full-family focused, details in late spring.

You are welcome to help us prepare for your visit by emailing Kevin G. Gallagher, kindergarten teacher, at regarding attendance.  While it is not required to do so it does help plan our visit groups.  Even if you do not get to this part, do come. We look forward to seeing you!