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    Globe and textbook Bryant Kindergarten Team paintbrush and canvas

    Welcome to Bryant Kindergarten. We’re glad you are joining us!

    Star smilingBryant Elementary School’s Kindergarten Team strongly supports a ‘whole’ child educational philosophy; i.e. developing and refining skills in socialization, critical thinking, self-management, and academics.

    Recognizing the importance of the Kindergarten year as a genuine entry point for students and their families to be committed to education as a lifelong process, the Bryant Kindergarten Team pursues a series of pedagogically-sound and experience-tested approaches.

    The question we perennially return to is ‘What is best for our children?’

    light bulb Welcoming each year’s group of new students and their inherent talents, skills, levels of performance, and areas to develop is one of the passions that guide our devotion to this grade level and our delivery of ‘whole’ child instruction. All children offer contributions to the group process while taking important learning moments to aid in their own development. Similarly, all students need some form of accommodation to succeed and each child is ‘special’.

    Kindergarten teachers are trained and prepared to provide those differentiations.

    Utilizing district-adopted curriculum while allowing for teacher flexibility is a Bryant hallmark. Flexible instructional delivery permits teachers to engage all learners with varying types of content, questioning, expectations and performance results while still meeting grade level expectations.

    Informal assessments and frequent monitoring of performance (social/behavioral and academic) determine the type of differentiated instruction offered. Frequent re-grouping, employing alternate materials and strategies, ongoing observations, and monitoring student work permit this varied approach within the construct of a ‘typically developing’ classroom model.

    Additionally, Bryant offers a wealth of support mechanisms to enrich the Kindergarten program, including tutors, parent volunteers, reading specialists, after-school enrichment classes, and more!

    schoolhouse We look forward to your entrance and engagement in our classrooms. four holding hands