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    student using a ruler

    The fourth grade teachers at Bryant are dedicated to providing challenging and student-centered instruction. We work to create warm and supportive classroom communities where students feel they can grow and take risks.

    In fall, fourth graders at Bryant are busy with a variety of engaging experiences and activities. In math, our studies focus on geometry, data organization, and multiplication and division. Our focus in reading during the beginning of the year is matching students to books at their independent reading levels, as well as working with non-fiction texts and in literature circles. In writing, students work in a variety of genres and practice the steps of the writing process, in addition to studying vocabulary and grammar. Our science unit in the fall revolves around food chemistry and the digestive system. In social studies, we study Washington State History through textbooks and StoryPath. Other fall activities include a field trip to the Washington State Corn Maze, Living Voices historical presentations, writing Veterans Day reports and producing a school-wide assembly, and art docent projects.

    Winter term is an exciting and busy time in fourth grade. In addition to continuing our studies in writing, reading, and social studies, we also participate in a science fair with fifth grade students and mentors from the community. We study ecosystems, during which we create and observe terrariums and aquariums in our classrooms. In math, we focus on decimals, multiplication, and fractions. We also take a field trip to the Seattle Aquarium, continue our art docent projects, and have the opportunity to participate in the Global Reading Challenge.

    In spring, our math studies focus on geometry, measurement, and rates. We continue our emphasis on reading and writing skills, and wrap up our year-long study of Washington State. In science, we study circuitry and electrical pathways. We also take a field trip to the Cedar River Watershed and have a special fourth grade picnic at a local park.

    Math: Fourth grade continues to work through the Everyday Math Curriculum. In the winter, we focus on decimals, estimation, fractions and percentages, and probability. Throughout the school we work on fact memorization and strategies for solving multiplication and division problems.

    Reading/Writing: Reading is addressed through literature groups, whole class novels, and in the content areas of math, social studies and science. Each month, every fourth grader is expected to complete a book report. Each class picks a different genre each month to ensure enough library resources for all students. Our writing instruction includes a focus on the six traits, as well as an incorporation of the Lucy Calkin’s writing curriculum.

    Social Studies: Fourth is currently completing a Storypath unit, Early Northwest Coast Native Americans. In this unit, students take on the role of a Native American within a family group selected by the teacher. Each student makes their character, and together the families create a longhouse, as well as representations of artwork from the Northwest Coast Native Americans. We also hold discussions about critical incidents that happened during this time period, including food shortages, reservations, and spreading diseases. We conclude our unit with a celebration with foods that were available from the time period.

    Science: We are currently studying Food Chemistry, in which we test foods for nutrients, learning about the process of conducting a fair test, and recording and graphing our results. We also focus on the digestive system as a part of this science unit. Our next science unit, Ecosystems, will begin in January.

    In addition to the science unit, we will start Science Fair in January. During Science Fair, students get into groups of four or five and they work with a science mentor (a volunteer from the community) on a science project that the group picks together. They work through the scientific process, and present their experiments at the annual Science Fair Night.

    Art: Our wonderful Bryant PTSA has funded an artist for all fourth grade classes this year.