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    student writing at his desk

    The first grade teachers collaborate regularly to provide consistent instruction to all first graders.

    Reading instruction is provided by flexible reading groups through an exchange among first grade classrooms. The reading exchange program is designed to maximize student growth at appropriate instructional levels.

    In addition to the Everyday Math Curriculum, first graders are regularly involved in hands-on math projects to allow for differentiated learning in mathematics.

    In first grade, students write personal narratives, fiction stories, poems, and reports. Writing is also integrated into science, math, and social studies.

    First grade science units are Weather, Balls and Ramps, and Organisms.

    The Families and Neighborhoods theme in Social Studies is introduced through the Story path method.

    Special projects and events that are experienced by all first graders include: creating and sharing memory baskets, building model haunted houses, family history project, an ethnic brunch, and field trips that augment the curriculum.