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    Popsicle stick arts & crafts project

    The Fifth Grade team builds upon the academic foundations set in the younger grades. The students read more analytically, write more extensively, and reason about more complex mathematical ideas. The fifth grade classrooms have ample collections of books for literature study and the students use the school library and the internet to read nonfiction and to research curriculum topics. In writing workshop, the students refine their writing skills as they write to communicate with a variety of audiences. In math the students use their numeracy skills in challenging problem solving situations and they develop their abilities to use algebraic and geometric reasoning.

    Fifth graders study environmental issues extensively. They monitor the water quality of Ravenna Creek and they learn from the Salmon in the School program. They spend a week at the field-based environmental program, IslandWood, on Bainbridge Island. IslandWood blends science, the arts, and technology into a program focused on sustaining the environment.

    Intermediate Grade Level Activities

    The Bryant fourth and fifth grade classrooms team up for two major areas of study: Living Voices and Science Fair. Living Voices is a nonprofit educational production company that creates programs to raise awareness of racism and injustice in history. They present seven educational programs on a two-year cycle at Bryant allowing all intermediate students to experience the entire set.

    The Bryant PTSA sponsors the annual Science Fair. Scientists are recruited from the community who visit the school once a week for ten weeks to guide a group of 4th and 5th grade students in an investigation of a scientific question. Results are proudly presented at the annual Science Fair in April.

    Math Championship

    Bryant has a long tradition of sending several teams to the Washington State Math Championship competition. Each team consists of four 5th grade students. During the winter months, a group of volunteers guide the teams in practicing advanced math topics and in preparing for the competition. The Bryant program is planned and led by dedicated volunteers, and it is coordinated through the 5th grade teachers. On a Saturday in April, the teams travel to Blaine, WA, where the Blaine School District and ConocoPhillips host the competition, open to teams in grades 5-8.