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    Welcome Back Letter
    Posted on 08/29/2017
    Back to School Welcome!

    Dear families!

    On behalf of Bryant staff and teachers we would like to extend a welcome to a brand-new school year! We are excited about another amazing year of learning for your students! For those of you that are new to our community, a special welcome to Bryant!

    Bryant is the best school with the finest teachers and staff in Seattle. All of us work hard to create an awesome learning environment for children with many opportunities to learn and grow. And just as we are committed to a year of learning for your children, it will also be a year of learning for our teachers.

    We plan to strengthen our grade level professional learning communities called PLC’s, as well as continue to develop our intervention and extension team to provide academic support for students. We are proud of the significant growth we have made around student achievement in math over the last several years and will continue that effort in the coming year.

    It is our building belief that we share a collective responsibility that ALL students can and will learn at high levels, be supported, challenged and experience success at Bryant. We instruct and encourage our students to grow intellectually as well as social/emotionally. We believe that our students will benefit from our instruction, care and nurturing for their entire lives.

    This summer, our teachers have been hard at work learning a new reading/writing curriculum, Collaborative Classroom. Our teachers are very excited to align their work in literacy with a comprehensive approach that emphasizes both student collaboration and development of social skills.

    In regards to social and emotional learning, we will continue our building wide work with the RULER program. This respected program through Yale University is practiced in a large number of Seattle schools with great results. Through RULER we will continue to develop our school climate and culture in positive and healthy ways.

    This year we will also address a key Seattle Public Schools goal, eliminating opportunity gaps for students. Guided by our developing equity team, we will address the opportunity gap at Bryant. Key questions to lead our work include: What can we do to create an even more culturally inclusive school? How can we best deepen our understanding around race and equity?

    In the area of staffing news, we have said good bye to Ms. Walquist, one of our accomplished 2nd grade teachers that was displaced last year but has accepted a teaching positon in another Seattle school. An additional and significant change is that our long time administrative secretary, Trudy Springer, has retired to spend more time with family and friends. Hannah Lack, our assistant secretary, has also moved on from Seattle Public Schools to accept employment that will allow her to utilize her degree in psychology. We wish Trudy and Hannah all the best for the next chapters of their lives.

    Teaching assignments are as follows for the 2016-2017 school year:

    • K: Kevin G. Gallagher, Alex Jones, Carleen Confer, Kathy Kereluck,
    • 1st: Sheila Davies .5/Jennifer Shete .5, Jamie Satzinger, Carrie Eeds, Chara Johnson
    • 1/2 Amy Alphin
    • 2nd: Megan Regalado, John Arrowsmith, Lynn Masunaga-Fahselt, Kristine Duncan
    • 3rd: Tiffany Bodine, Huong Nguyen, Connie Bernard, Clare Johnston
    • 4th: Katrina Salisbury, Jessica James, Susan Kearney
    • 4/5 AJ Benaltabe
    • 5th: Craig Arango, Steve Garlid, Elizabeth Day
    • Library: Anne Aliverti
    • Reading: Teresa Elhardt
    • ELL Pauline Pfohl
    • .5 Visual Art: Kristen Whipple
    • PE: Tate Loftin, Kathy Weinman
    • .5 Music: Michaela Koerner-Storkman
    • Sped: Mackenzie Elliot, Judy Miller

    Homeroom teachers will be contacting you with your children’s class assignments and will provide information that you and your children will need to start the year successfully. Teachers will be reaching out by email or phone between 3:00 pm, Thursday, August 31st and 3:00 pm, Friday, September 1st.

    If for someone reason you are not contacted by late Friday afternoon, please let us know by email and we can share student classroom assignments (;

    Thank you for supporting your school in the many ways that you do. We appreciate your support in the months ahead. Your active involvement makes all the difference for your children’s learning.

    Warm regards,

    Dan Sanger, Principal
    Julie Pearson, Assistant Principal