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    Seattle Times Columnist to Visit Bryant
    Posted on 02/26/2020
    Photo of Lynda Mapes

    Mr. Garlid has arranged an afternoon visit with legendary environmental reporter for the Seattle Times, Lynda V. Mapes. In 2017, following a year’s MIT Knight Fellowship in the Harvard Forest, Ms. Mapes published Witness Tree: Seasons of Change with a Century-Old Oak. Mapes beautifully details season-to-season impacts on this single red oak, interweaving the inter-connectedness of nature and life on this planet.While acknowledging climate change, Mapes’s portrayal is thought-provoking, inspirational, and hopeful. 

    Upon seeing Ms. Mapes at a speaker’s forum, Mr. Garlid believes her engaging, impassioned manner and environmental message correlates well with themes our fifth graders are studying and expressing interest. Ms. Mapes is visiting us on March 17 at no cost. To honor her generosity and the important work she does to educate the masses about environmental mindfulness, we are selling her book. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CONSIDER THIS AN ADULT READ, due to its vocabulary and syntax. We sense that many adults in our Bryant community will be fascinated by her meticulous blend of science and wonder

    Click HERE to download an order form. Please return to Bryant Library by Friday, March 6.